Moving is stressful. We understand this, which is why we offer our customers a stress-free experience for your pet and your family. SafePet Transport provides private, customized pet relocation services that eliminate the inconvenience and stress of moving your pet, because moving is traumatic, for people and pets alike.  Enjoy the ease of letting SafePet Transport make all the arrangements for you and let your four-legged family member travel in the comfort and safety of a private luxury vehicle with experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff -- all while you track your pet's progress and receive regular updates about your pet's activities.


SafePet Transport specializes in door-to-door, private ground pet transportation.  Your pet’s journey will include regular stops for feeding, elimination, and exercise, in accordance with your pet's typical daily schedule, and as designated by you.   For longer trips, your pet will stay with his/her Pet Pal in predetermined pet-friendly hotels.  Alternatively, we can transport your pet on a non-stop route, using two Pet Pals.



Ground Transport - Signature Service

At SafePet Transport, we specialize in door-to-door, private vehicular pet transportation.  Your pet’s journey will include regular stops for feeding, elimination, and exercise, in accordance with your pet's typical daily schedule, and as designated by you.   For longer trips, your pet will stay with a Pet Pal in predetermined pet-friendly hotels.  Alternatively, we can transport your pet on a non-stop route, using two Pet Pals. 



Air Transport

SafePet Transport offers multiple Air travel options for our clients.


Our Supreme private air service for pets which eliminates the cargo hold flying limitations and dilemmas.  Our Pet Pal will arrive at your residence to retrieve your pet(s) in the vehicle setup with the necessary carriers and supplies.  They will become acquainted with your pet(s) then proceed to the awaiting aircraft on the Tarmac of a designated airport.  We will board the approximate or preferred aircraft and safely place your pet(s) into the plane.  Upon arriving at the destination airport, we will have a vehicle waiting to deliver your pet(s) to you.   


SafePet can also have a Pet Pal accompany your pet on the journey and directly deliver your furry family member from the airport.  SafePet offer of accompanying air travel service is where our Pet Pal will fly with your pet(s) whether in-cabin or underneath the cabin.  In the case of underneath should the size of your pet not be suitable for in-cabin, our Pet Pal will retrieve your pet and proceed to the delivery location.  Your pet(s) will have SafePet's Pet Pal all the way through their journey allowing you additional peace-of-mind. 


Alternatively, SafePet will provide traditional air pet travel services.  We will pick up your furry family member to take them to their flight.  Our Pet Pal will provide all required paperwork and ensure that the carrier labeling is in good order for the check-in process.  Upon arrival, we will arrange for delivery directly to you or to a boarding facility.  Our Pet Pal will take every possible opportunity to allow for exercise before and after the flight.  


SafePet Transport provides any level of service you may need in getting your pet to its new home, whether it is door-to-door or just one leg of international relocation.  From your current home to your Origin Airport to the Destination Airport and to your new home, SafePet Transport can assume the responsibilities and paperwork involved in the complicated and cumbersome task of flying your pet to its new destination.  Your pet will receive a customized travel itinerary and will be carefully and lovingly escorted and monitored by our Pet Pal.

Personalized Logistical Coordination

Upon initial contact with SafePet Transport, you will be assigned a Pet Relocation Coordinator, who will prepare a Pet Profile that outlines your pet's needs.


We assign you a Pet Pal to get to know all about your pet, including his or her: 

  • general personality traits

  • dietary and sleeping schedules

  • travel preferences and behaviors

  • favorite toys, treats, and games

  • daily exercise and elimination schedules

  • and any particular likes or dislikes 


Your Pet Pal will also help in Scheduling:

  • Arranging ideal arrival date window

  • Available pick-up date window

  • Trip planning

Veterinarian Services

Prior to the trip, our Coordinator will contact your veterinarian to obtain all relevant medical information.  If you are in need of a veterinarian, SafePet Transport will arrange for a nearby accredited veterinarian for you.  In addition to the Pet Profile, the Pet Pal has all contact information for both you and your veterinarian.  Additionally, we have a veterinarian on call 24-hours a day.


You will have peace of mind as you track your four-legged family member on their journey using real-time GPS information on your computer. Your pet can also wear a Geo tracker monitoring device that uses state-of-the-art technology, for added security. 


In the event boarding is required or requested, SafePet Transport will secure the finest facilities for your pet(s), within the vicinity of either the departure or destination location.  SafePet Transport will carefully screen the available boarding facility options, and with your input, select the most appropriate based on your pet profile and your logistical parameters.